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Aoyama Yuki [userpic]

randomness XD

January 3rd, 2008 (02:51 pm)

sudah lama tak buka LJ..

Aoyama Yuki [userpic]


March 26th, 2007 (09:30 pm)
pissed off

[ Place ]: amista asagaya hotel tokyo
[ Mood ]: pissed off


i hate this day, when my money is wasted...
but i love this day,, for many things......

today i went to ikebukuro...on the way, we met a japanese person who can talk indonesian.. (he lived in indonesia for a couple of years). he showed us the way to the mandarake store. these days i meet with sooo nice people).. and when i went in the store,, i became crazy seeing all those doujins (of course, BL) in front of me... i just walked around the store, and i found a place where there was only tenimyu stuffs. and then i went crazy again...
in the end,, me and akirasama spent 10000 yen there.. fuhhhhhhhhhhh... we bought around 20 doujins, and a fanbook of KENN plus DVD... ugh. i just love KENN. i just couldn't stop bleeding seeing him.
then while waiting for our dad (which took half and hour), we saw a guy who looked exactly like Shunri (Takagi Shun/ sakurai). we wasn't really sure. we just let him go.
then we went to a store named K-BOOKS. this is my favourite store. there was like, tons of tenimyu and D-BOYS photos, plus their autograph. i was getting a heart attack back there!!!! in the end, i spent 5000 yen there...
then we went to ANIMATE. there was many stuffs back there. makes me want to steal them!!! >.< then we both saw Shunri again, at a different place. when he was gone, we both shouted "WHY DIDN'T I ASK FOR PHOTO OR AUTOGRAPH?????!!!!!!" yes, we were soooooo stupid.
then we ate. and then bought DEATHNOTE in a bookstore..
then, we went to tokyo tower. SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL. I thought of bungee-jumping from up there... ^_^;;, and then we went inside the world records museum... guess what, my height is 1 meter 12 cm under the tallest man, and my weight is 580kg below the most heaviest person...

we were so tired, and decided to go to shinjuku. but on shinjuku, we just wanted to go back to the hotel (i felt like dying, i can't move my foot a bit). but on the way, we ate. ugh,, so full......
and here i am, back i the hotel...

pictures!!! ^_^;;Collapse )

Aoyama Yuki [userpic]


March 25th, 2007 (10:05 pm)

[ Place ]: amista asagaya hotael tokyo
[ Mood ]: blank

japan is sooooooooooooo great...
yesterday,, me and akirasama and my dad, went for a really far walk in toyama... we were sooooooo tired... we took like, a ton of pictures...
and then akira begged to me, to go karaoke-ing..i refused. then we went back to the hotel.. then listening to akira singing all day, i gave up and decided to go karaoke-ing with akira..
first, we were planning for 1 hour only. and when we got into the room, we just didn't know how to put the songs into play... we tried this and that.. and we got it!
then we asked for another 1 hour. we sang many songs, and there were dozens of tenimyu songs. we were crazy about it...
and when those 2 hours almost finished, we asked for another 1 hour. we were so extreme while singing NEWS nippon. other songs we sang was arigatou (kyou kara maoh!), sakasama no chou (jigoku shoujo), make Q (tantei gakuen Q), and dozens more...

and today, was the worst.
we ate breakfast, and then the building started shaking.
we ran outside.. until the earthquake finished. but, i was so embarassed, because all the people inside the building didn't move a bit from their position. CHOU HASUKASHIIIII!!!!
then when we were going towards the elevator, the elevator brokened because of the earthquake. we used the emergency stairs to go up to our room, 9TH FLOOR. we were so tired back there. then we tidied up our room, and went downstairs to check out. through the emergency stairs again.
we called for a taxi, and went to the train station. when we arrived, the station was sooooo crowded. my dad queued to get a ticket..
but, the fastest train was 3 and a half hours from that time.. some place were broken because of the earthquake. i went for a walk around town, while akira and my dad stayed in the station.
those 3 and a half hours passed quickly. but when we wanna go inside, we asked to everyone, and they all said, 'all trains to tokyo are cancelled'.
good thing my dad's friend was there. he explained everything, in english. he wanted to go to tokyo too. then we decided to go together, using another way. first, we get a taxi to kanazawa. it took 21000 yen to get there. then we transfer at maibara, and then straight to tokyo!!!
and here we are, arriving at the hotel at midnight....

Aoyama Yuki [userpic]


March 23rd, 2007 (10:32 pm)

[ Place ]: ANA Hotel Toyama
[ Mood ]: sleepy

I just got stamped as Aiba Hiroki in tenimyu_rating..!! Thanks for those who voted...

Right now,, I'm in Toyama, Japan, with my sister, akirasama and my dad. It is so freezing cold!
I just ate takoyaki a few hours ago.. and god,, umakatta~~~!! Takoyaki fresh from Japan is different than Indonesia's.. I ate sushi, too and some purin (pudding)... I haven't finished it coz I am so full!!
Hahah,, why am I talking about food here????
I'm so tired from 24 hour flight from Jakarta to Japan!!! On the last flight,, we were totally sleeping until I figured out that we can choose films to watch, on the TV in front of us.. And,, I found a Japanese movie called Waters. Gosh, Shun Oguri was sooo cool!!!
And we arrived at Narita.. And took the train to Toyama. Around 6 hours I think. On the train station, we were completely lost. But well, we got here!
In Toyama, we walked from the train station to the hotel. I started looking around people and thought "gosh why are japanese boys so cool???" hahahah... And when we arrived. The scenery from our room is just soooo beautiful! Mountain with snows. But it wasn't snowing in the area. Oh, And then, We took a bath, and slept.
Aroud seven, we wondered around the city. I started to talk japanese, yay! 'takoyaki futatsu onegaishimasu'..!! that's my favourite line!! and the rest I only said 'arigatou gozaimasu'. Hahahha... I'm still a beginner at japanese...
And we ate in front of... a building.... and we got back to the hotel, and here I am...
In 2 days, I'll be leaving to Tokyo!!! on another 6 hour train.. fuhhh... I'll definitely get to D-Boys' office!!! YAY XD XD XD I'll steal someone from there

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Aoyama Yuki [userpic]

Hyoutei Cosplay

March 1st, 2007 (02:19 pm)

[ Mood ]: annoyed

HI,, long time I haven't posted...

Last Sunday, on the 25th, I've been cosplaying Mukahi Gakuto... It was so fun! And we met Ouran Host Club's cosplayers too... KYYAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! The snapshot of Ouran's cosplayers are much more than our team's snapshot in akirasama's camera...
I cosplayed gakuto,, akirasama cosplayed kabaji,, kaichama cosplayed shishido,, ore_ryousama cosplayed atobe,, chidoppi cosplayed taki,, fuji cosplayed choutarou,, kyoko cosplayed oshitari,, naru/yos-c cosplayed jiroh,, hiyoppon cosplayed hiyoshi.....

and more importantly...... WE WON THE COSPLAY ANIME CATEGORY!!!!


me and tamaki...

itte yosh

MISOn impossible

it hurts....

me and bossa novakasanoda

hyoutei team

hitachiin kyoudai,, me,, and shishido

jiGaku... akirasama told us to...

hyoutei team

another jiGaku.....

and much more pictures...Collapse )

Aoyama Yuki [userpic]

(no subject)

January 8th, 2007 (03:00 pm)

First of all, I wanna say sorry of not updating for a long long time. I'm busy with my school work and stuff...

if you wanna read me complaining, then read this. If you don't, then don't.Collapse )

Aoyama Yuki [userpic]

A game of... something

November 2nd, 2006 (02:59 pm)

Got tagged by akirasama

The player of this game starts with the "6 weird things or habits about yourself." People who get tagged will have to post a blog telling their 6 weird things or habits as well. Make sure to post this rule clearly! At the end of your 6 weird/things/habits, you need to choose 7 people that you would like to be tagged and write their names down.

My weird habits...???Collapse )

echizensei, eiji_torishishi, katokathy, abusenoemperor, kiori_kiki, wolfram003, yami_jay

Aoyama Yuki [userpic]

(no subject)

November 2nd, 2006 (01:03 pm)

Just nothing to do, so I'll post... ^_^;;
Finally last week I was stamped as Gakuto at tenipuri_rating and as Hikaru at hostclub_rating. For those who voted for me, thanks thanks very much!!! ^_^

Ehem, I LOVE SCHOOL!! Yet I hate some teachers. Especially my math teacher. My first test, I got 94 yet in the report, I got 76. No matter how I protest, he won't listen. Damn that teacher...
And by the way, on Saturday I'll be taking a drawing contest-- or is it painting contest?? AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHY WAS I CHOSEN FOR THAT CONTEST!!! 11 out of 319 students, and one of them is me???

Sorry if this post is not something important... ^_^;;

Ja, sankyuu..!

Aoyama Yuki [userpic]

(no subject)

October 20th, 2006 (10:29 am)

[ Mood ]: uncomfortable

HI!!! Just asking for some help, here...
Please vote me for some communities... Just a bit more and I'll get stamped... or still many more..


I think those are all...!! But don't forget that you can only vote if you are the member of this community...
For the people who vote, thanks very very much!


Um.. Since I like to share my DNs, please click here to visit my website, or here to take a look on my DNs.
But, I think I'll just post it here...

Shishido Ryou - Pretending
Kirihara Akaya - more than best friends...
Mukahi Gakuto - The Good Luck Charm
Mixed - There's Always Tomorrow [1] [2]

Currently making a Marui Bunta DN.

Requests are welcome for tenipuri characters and tenimyu casts!


Aoyama Yuki [userpic]

(no subject)

October 5th, 2006 (12:09 pm)

Um... I know that I'm really really late, but...
New Akaya DN, click here to view it!

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